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Pistes "Natur" / Glacier

Posté : 16 mars 2018, 21:37
par ski533
sorry for Posting in English, but I don't speak French and because I arrive in La Plagne tomorrow, I need the answers quick.
Because I had a severe knee injuries a couple of years ago, I only ski on groomed pistes - but if they're steep or have moguls it's no problem, as long as they are groomed (moguls meaning for example, the piste is groomed once per week - so it may have moguls at certain points, but it is not like ungroomed-moguls).

In particular, I would like to know whether these pistes are groomed:
-Plus all Pistes on the Glacier area, which were "Natur" last year, but this year not... I find it hard to believe that all of them are groomed, especially the Chiaupe, Rochu, Bellecote and Derochoir.

-And, most important (has anyone skied it in the last days?) the "Mont de la Guerre" to Champagny. Is it groomed on the entire length?

Thank you all for your help :-)

Re: Pistes "Natur" / Glacier

Posté : 16 mars 2018, 22:18
par lp69
For those I know :
Inversens is groomed, but Crozats is not, with big moguls, so if you go there, you'll have to spend 15 mn on the chairlift back to roche de mio.
Mont de la guerre is usually "groomed with moguls", but you can ask some resort guys at the top of Les Verdons to know the conditions of the day.
Glacier area is not groomed to my knowledge, it's a shame and that's why I never go there (in any case the area is often closed anyway).

Re: Pistes "Natur" / Glacier

Posté : 16 mars 2018, 23:02
par ski533
Thank you for your anser :-)

On the Mont de la Guerre, is the moguls section groomed and then becomes mogulled because the last time it was groomed was a week ago, or is the moguls section never groomed?

Because in Verbier there are some pistes (or rather, itineraires) which are groomed at the top and the bottom in the flat sections, but the steeper sections are never groomed, so they are moguls, but of the ungroomed-moguls kind, which is very different to groomed-moguls.
I ride the lift down in Verbier so i don't have to ski those ungroomed-moguls...

Re: Pistes "Natur" / Glacier

Posté : 16 mars 2018, 23:51
par lp69
There are some videos on youtube, but even better the resort guys can tell you before you decide to go there or not. My guess is they groomed it after the recent snowfall.

Re: Pistes "Natur" / Glacier

Posté : 19 mars 2018, 02:13
par ski533
Okay, today when I skied I did some research:
-Gavotte is not groomed
-Mont de la Guerre and the Crozats seem to be groomed at least partially (but not sure here)
-Inversens is definitely groomed

At least to a tourist it seems completely random whether a "Natur" piste is groomed or not. I think this quite bad, because that way you can't know whether a Piste is groomed or not... and the "Natur" description seems to have no meaning at all... why don't they just write "non damee" on those pistes that are not groomed on at least parts of the Piste, and rescind the "Natur" on all other Pistes?

This is particular dangerous because real non-groomed black pistes are also "Natur" and one could think that it just means those pistes do not have snow cannons, since some of the other "Natur" pistes are groomed.

So for now it would be good if we could make a list here in the forum - plus I'd like to ask you whether my research is correct, because I only skied the non-"Natur" pistes, but looked as best as possible at the "Natur" pistes to find out about them.

Re: Pistes "Natur" / Glacier

Posté : 19 mars 2018, 04:52
par Carambole
Désolé de faire mon vieux ronchon mais ce sujet pourrait il être placé dans la rubrique question en anglais ?

(quelle chance ils ont les anglophones d'avoir une rubrique questions en anglais )